It’s GPS for your project. . .

Today's business world demands the ability to access information and resources quickly. Tri-M offers a unique and convenient way to request work and monitor the progress of your projects through our on-line project navigation tool - ProNav.

ProNav allows you to receive up-to-the-minute communication and project updates, and access all of your project information in one convenient place. Placing orders for service work takes just seconds and sharing progress reports with your colleagues becomes seamless. From beginning to end, at your desk or on your smartphone, you'll know precisely what's going on with your project and you'll be able to reach anyone involved with just a click.

Using a project navigation tool to manage our work helps us to consistently deliver Total Electrical Solutions. Making the same tool available to our clients… that makes us One Trusted Partner.

Project status is available 24/7 and 365 days per year. Project Navigator, or ProNav, is a web based application designed by Tri-M as a collaborative tool to navigate projects from initial requests for proposal to final close-out and everything in between. This extranet application enables individual users from both the client and Tri-M to access immediate project information 24/7. Being a web based application makes it easy for client's because there is no software to add to their network or computer so there is no need for IT approval.

The application is also available around the clock and is not limited to a physical location; if you have web access you can access your project anytime, anywhere. Users are assigned as team members to a project; users include the client, Tri-M and can even include third parties, such as architects, engineers, general contractors or even departments within a client's organization. ProNav acts as a document repository and tracking system; it provides a common place to store all important files related to a project such as proposal, purchase order, as-built drawings, and test results. This makes it very easy to find the document needed, even for projects that were done several years ago.

ProNav Login

Project notes allow users to provide updated information or documentation pertaining to the project, pose a question or request service. Users are notified of any project changes or updates via email, providing a real-time way to track the project. ProNav 2.0 is more flexible and customizable than the previous versions. Each user may choose to track the project work order, job progress, change order or by project manager/personnel or site. Users may also be tracking several projects on a particular site or at different locations without ever needing to leave their desk.

ProNav is one source for project information past and present not only for Tri-M team members but for our clients as well. The project team can access vital project information from any web enabled device with browser capabilities. In this fast paced business world this is just one more way to keep on top of projects when on the go.