Facilities Automation Andover Continuum

Continuum Product Line

The Complete IT-based Integrated Facility Management System. The Continuum system with its sleek, high-powered modular controllers and "open system" architecture allows seamless integration with existing enterprise networks and third party systems. The Continuum system supports 4 million nodes, and, with the built in Flash memory, modules can download product upgrades instantly over the Net.


  • Air Handler Control
  • Central Plant Control
  • Terminal Equipment Control
  • Demand-based Ventilation
  • Steam Monitoring

Lighting Controls

  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Dimming Controls
  • Occupancy Controls
  • Ambient Light Harvesting Systems
  • Scene Control

Energy Monitoring

  • Power Monitoring
  • Steam Monitoring
  • Gas Monitoring
  • Demand Limiting
  • Real-time or Historical
  • Energy Analysis

Indoor Air Quality

  • Monitor/Control Fresh Air Ventilation
  • Monitor/Control CO2 Levels
  • Balance Ventilation and Energy Consumption

Systems Integration

Integration allows communication directly with third party devices in your building culminating in one common user interface for all systems.

Integrate Andover Controls card access, CCTV, and Building Automation Systems products on the same communication networks, and accessible via the same user interface.

Utilize your existing TCP/IP network to connect the Andover controllers and workstation(s). This eliminates the need for redundant network wiring.

Interface to a wide array of 3rd party controllers, such as:

  • fire alarm
  • elevators
  • rooftop units
  • fume hood controls
  • leak detection systems
  • lighting control panels
  • power monitoring
  • variable speed drives
  • PLC’s
  • video switches
  • security systems
  • UPS systems
  • generators
  • chillers
  • boilers
    and other building automation systems.

Andover Continuum Web Client Pro

Andover's Web Client Pro allows web-enabled access everywhere, 24/7. Now, using a standard browser, your authorized personnel can access the Integrated Building Management System in real time across your facility’s local or wide-area network. Web Client users can edit personnel records, change employee access privileges, view an individual’s audit trail or a history report of access events.