Facilities Automation Maintenance Services

So why buy service?

You've made a significant investment in your Building Automation System, which has a major impact on your overall operating costs. It is clear that a well maintained system provides the best long-term value in reducing complaints, energy costs, and repair costs, while allowing the system to reach it's maximum potential lifespan. In order to give our customer's maximum flexibility in choosing their approach to maintenance services, we offer a wide variety of options which are summarized below:

Preventative Maintenance Service ...Click for more info

This level of service is a labor-only service to provide anywhere from 1 to 4 visits annually (custom tailored to your needs) to test all inputs and outputs in the system, replace controller backup batteries, and backup of your front end computer(s). This test ensures that on an annual basis, your entire system has been thoroughly checked and is in good working order, and that we have current backups of all system software. We will provide a report of our findings, as well as a list of any parts found to be defective. You can elect to either have us do the repairs on a time and material basis or handle them with your in-house personnel.


Full Hardware Service ... Click for more info

This level of service provides comprehensive hardware service for your system. This includes full repair coverage for your system (parts and labor), in addition to the preventative maintenance service described above. This service provides you with maximum coverage for any system failure. This service can be purchased as either 8am-5pm Monday-Friday coverage, or 24x7 coverage.


Software Service ... Click for more info

This level of service provides you access to our outstanding technical software support team. These services include all software changes, graphics changes, controller software backups, controller reloads (after memory loss), and any type of general operational support (such as setpoint and schedule changes). This service is offered during normal business hours and nights and weekends.


System Additions ...Click for more info

Our service department is also capable of providing small system additions to your Andover Controls system. This is full turnkey support – design, installation, programming, front end graphics, startup, and warranty. This allows us to most efficiently and cost effectively offer small additions to our customer's systems, with the most rapid response.


Time and Material Service ...Click for more info

We also offer any of the services listed above on an as-needed basis. Customers who opt for this approach will be charged at our standard service hourly rates, and standard material prices.


Training ...Click for more info

We offer a wide array of standard and customized training for our customers. This ranges from operator training on the system software, system troubleshooting, programming, and system hardware. All training can be performed in our Kennett Square training facility, which is equipped to provide your personnel with hands-on simulations where they can see and feel what is being taught.


Non-Andover Systems Service ...Click for more info

Tri-M can provide service on many of today's facility automation systems, and can provide you with an evaluation of your current system. Call or email us for a no obligation visit to assess your existing facility automation system.