Mass Notification Systems (MNS)

You are faced with a critical event at your facility or campus . . . what is your method for mass notification and crisis communications?

Do you have a comprehensive solution that quickly unifies all devices and channels, to communicate and collaborate with your stakeholders during this critical time?

Tri-M Group Mass Notification Systems

If you did not confidently answer, yes; contact The Tri-M Group and we can make sure the next time you answer these two important questions, your answer will be a resounding, YES! Mass Notification Systems (MNS) offer front-line communication technology to notify your stakeholders of events or situations and gives them crucial information that they need so that they can respond and act accordingly—possibly saving lives. Tri-M, can provide a customized MNS for your needs. Our experts can design and install systems in any market: From Educational and Healthcare Institutions, to the Manufacturing, Energy and Power Industries.

Mass Notification Systems can communicate messages pertaining to:

  • Operational Safety & Security
  • Stakeholder Safety & Security
  • Public Alerts & Warnings
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Hostile Attacks
  • Power Outages and /or Equipment Failures

Mass Notification Systems are paramount in today’s world to protect your stakeholders, as well as your hard assets and property. The Tri-M Group has your mass notification solutions.

Three Layers of Mass Emergency Notification - Indoor, Outdoor and Distributed Recipient

When time is critical and the situation is escalating; do you have the appropriate solution to provide the right message, at exactly the right time, to the right people? Is your message, loud and clear?

Did you answer, no? Then you need to say yes, to Mass Emergency Notification System solutions from The Tri-M Group.

In-Building: Providing both fire alarm and emergency communications, integrated with the building automation system (BAS) can provide real-time information inside your facility to your stakeholders by communicating how to respond in an emergency and accessing the BAS to make any necessary adjustments to mitigate the emergency.

Outdoor: Wide-area emergency mass notification utilizes industry-leading intelligibility technology, to broadcast crystal, clear voice messages, covering large outdoor geographic areas.

Distributed Recipient: Sending critical communications to stakeholders via text, email and /or voice through the emergency notification system.

When you need to reach thousands of your stakeholders instantly and clearly, you can trust The Tri-M Group for your mass emergency notification system solutions.