Structured Cabling

Copper Cabling

  • Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A
  • Twisted pair, fiber optic and coaxial cabling
  • Designs based on ANSI/TIA/EIA standards
  • Intra- and Inter- building backbone cabling
  • CAD as-built documentation

Fiber Optics

  • Single and multi-mode fiber optic cabling
  • Installation, termination and splicing
  • Power meter and OTDR testing
  • Aerial and Underground
  • Mobile climate-controlled splicing lab

Aerial / Underground

  • Large pair count copper splicing
  • Trained OSHA certified for confined space access (i.e. man holes)
  • Survey and needs analysis
  • Premise and outside plant design
  • Documentation and testing of existing cable plant
  • Bucket trucks for aerial work.
  • Cable break locating and repair
  • Outside Plant Services