Tri-M Connectivity Solutions: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity concerns are of the utmost importance to businesses, both small and large. Your network and IT systems contain critical information and the tools of your trade that are essential to your business. You can't afford to overlook the security of these data and systems. Threats range from hackers seeking personal, corporate, or financial data to denial of service attacks that shut down your ability to communicate or do business online. A malicious software, or malware (virus, worms, trojans) can slow down performance, create a break in your system, or cause a total shut-down of operations.

Tri-M Connectivity Solutions (TCS) is your trusted partner for cybersecurity - providing industry leading services to identify risks, protect your network, detect intrusions and threats, respond when events are detected, and recover quickly when an event compromises systems, services, or data.


Is Your Network Protected? Is Your Data Secure? Are Your Systems Trustworthy?

Denial of Service (DoS) | Spoofing | Eavesdropping | Virus | Trojans | Worms | Phishing


Does Your System Utilize The Tools Required to Keep You Safe and Your Data Secure?

Cryptographic Systems | Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) | Firewalls
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) | Anti-Malware | Secure Socket Layer (SSL)


TCS network engineering and cybersecurity experts are well versed in all of these threats, and the tools to guard against them. We are your cybersecurity partner and can provide Data Network Assessments with recommended improvements, design/build support to improve what you already have or to develop an IT system from scratch, and managed services to keep your IT systems working at their best and your data as safe and secure.

Cisco | HP | IBM | Dell | Microsoft | VMware | Meraki | Nimble | Barracuda | Solarwinds


Proactive Cybersecurity Services

Identify | Protect | Detect

TCS cybersecurity experts will help you to ensure that your systems are current and protected from known flaws, techniques, tactics, and protocols that might be used to penetrate your systems with malicious intent.

Network Mapping
Vulnerability Scanning
Penetration Testing
Phishing Assessment
Wireless Assessment
Operating Systems Assessment
Database Assessment
IoT Assessment
Intrusion Prevention Systems


Reactive Cybersecurity Services

Detect | Respond | Recover

TCS cybersecurity experts will assist you in responding to, and recovering from any incidents that may have occurred, as well as in the developing of response planning that prepares your systems and staff for the most efficient recovery possible.

Disaster Recovery Plans
Business Continuity Plans
Incident Response Services
Intrusion Detection Systems
Anti-Malware Solutions
Information Assurance

Design/Build Consulting & Engineering Services
Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions
Managed Services


Cicso Certified Internetwork Expert | Cisco Certified Network Professional | Certified Cloud Security Professional
Cisco Certified Design Associate | Cisco Certified Network Associate | Certified Novell Engineer
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert | Intel Networking Expert | HP Networking Expert
Certified Expert RMF Professional | Certified Authorization Professional