Tri-M Connectivity Solutions: Physical Security

Physical security describes the protection measures utilized to deter, detect, or deny any physical actions that place people, equipment, facilities, data, or networks at risk or in danger. Such threats may include unauthorized access, vandalism, terrorism, natural disaster, or theft.

In today's world, physical security concerns abound in every setting. Whether you are protecting a remotely located high value asset, securing an office building, or ensuring the safety of children in a school, your ability to deter, detect, and deny threats of varying nature is critical. Tri-M Connectivity Solutions (TCS) Physical Security Solutions provides cost effective protection for municipalities, schools, office buildings, factories, campuses, mobile security, border monitoring, DoD, and even remote asset protection in locations that lack grid power or data connectivity.

Physical Security D3efense

The Three D's of D3efense for Physical Security are Deter, Detect, and Deny. In this triple-layer approach to defense, you begin with deterrence: convince would-be attackers that success is unlikely due to the strength of the defenses. The next layer of defense is detection. When an attack has begun, you want to detect the threatening action as quickly as possible and continue to collect as much information as possible in order to maximize situational awareness for the first responders dispatched to eliminate the threat. The final layer of defense is that of denial - deny an attacker the ability to carry out their plan.



Deterrence requires creating an environment that discourages attackers based on the appearance of strong defenses that suggest the likelihood of a successful attack is minimal.

  • Visible security measures
  • Signs and Warnings
  • Barriers & Fences
  • Lighting
  • Open spaces


Actionable detection requires appropriate sensors for data collection, sustainable networks for data transmission, intelligent processing, and easily accessible information for situational awareness.

  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Alarm Systems & Sensors
  • Video Surveillance
  • Sustainable Networks
  • Tracking Systems
  • User Friendly Interface


To deny a threat may mean to provide a full-proof blockade to the attacker, or a sufficient barrier that slows the attack enough for a response to be deployed.

  • Access Control Systems
  • Locks and Gates
  • Active Denial Solutions
  • Guards


Rugged Solutions for Remote and Mobile Physical Security

TCS offers a variety of rugged solutions designed for the specific needs of remote and mobile security. Our custom engineered sustainable power solutions provide you the ability to ensure power is always available for your sensors, devices, and network components. We customize a solution using rugged batteries, solar power, and/or a generator to keep your systems energized.


Mobile Surveillance Trailer

  • Integrated Sustainable Power
  • Modular Surveillance Solutions
  • On-Board Video Storage
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Optional Vehicle Integration
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Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Sustainable Power Solutions

  • Rugged UPS for 24/7 Operation
  • Hybrid Options (solar, generator, grid)
  • Wide Operating Temperatures
  • Modular Configuration Options
Sustainable Power Solutions

Custom Engineered Solutions

  • Design/Build Services
  • Custom Remote Communications
  • Campus Security Solutions
  • Access Control Solutions
  • Building Security
  • Academic Security
  • Video Analytics
  • Video Management Systems
  • PSIM Solutions
  • IP/Wireless Networks
  • Life Safety
Custom Engineered Solutions