Renewable Energy

Tri-M's experience and qualifications help us to look at renewable energy in a uniquely comprehensive way. Most solar companies approach solar as stand-alone equipment. We view solar strategically – as an integrated component of a comprehensive energy management system. We begin first with our customer – their plans, their processes, and their goals. Then, we craft integrated solutions that deliver comprehensive, customer-specific value and real bottom line results.

Tri-M has a track record of well over $1billion in completed projects including multiple Mega-Watts of installed solar capacity. Our customers include Fortune 500 firms, government, major hospitals, and universities Click here to view our customer list. We use proven technologies from world-class manufacturers. We offer a variety of financing solutions, and we use our own highly-qualified engineers and installers.

Come visit our main campus and take a tour of the 100kW solar array we installed for our own facility. Click here to read the case study. Please continue to browse or contact us to learn more.