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Building Automation Controls Training

The Tri-M Group Building Automation Systems Team offers training classes for our customers on the Continuum and EcoStruxure product line. Our objective is to train the customer to acquire a higher level of knowledge on your building automation system.

Our training philosophy is to provide each student with hands on training. Individual class size is limited to a maximum of four* students. This allows for more hands on experience and individual instruction.

*COVID-19 Response - Class size is reduced to 4 students in order to maintain proper social distancing in accordance with CDC guidelines. Attendees must wear a mask at all times during class. Additional information will be provided upon registration.

Upcoming Training

EcoStruxure Webstation & Hardware

This introductory course will combine both EcoStruxure controller and end-device hardware training.  This course is designed to acquaint operational personnel with the EcoStruxure system, components, communication structure, commonly used peripheral devices and hardware troubleshooting of those devices. Also, there will be an overview of the EcoStruxure WebStation user interface that details logging on and navigating through the most commonly used components, i.e. alarms, graphics, schedules, trend logs and setpoint modification.


Target Audience: Operational personnel that are familiar with component-level troubleshooting and using a voltmeter.


Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.


8:00 am – 4:00 pm
(1 Day Course)

1/13/2021 — 1/13/2021 Registration has ended for this Class.
2/10/2021 — 2/10/2021 Registration has ended for this Class.
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EcoStruxure Workstation

This is a one-day course that will cover in detail Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure WorkStation user interface program.  In this course, students will spend time learning about the various components of EcoStruxure WorkStation - User Interface, Graphics, Alarms, Trend Logs and Script Programming.  In addition, they will gain knowledge regarding Schneider's new line of IP-based SmartX controllers, reloading/replacing b3 controllers and Automation Server (AS) backup procedures.  Instruction is accompanied by hands on lab exercises that reinforce the concepts presented.


Target Audience: Operational personnel that have already completed the EcoStruxure WebStation class and are interested in getting a more detailed experience with the system components and configuration.


Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.


8:00 am – 4:00 pm
(1 Day Course)

1/27/2021 — 1/27/2021 Registration has ended for this Class.
2/24/2021 — 2/24/2021 Registration has ended for this Class.
3/24/2021 — 3/24/2021 Registration has ended for this Class.
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EcoStruxure Programming

This is a two-day course designed to teach students basic EcoStruxure software skills. In this class the student will learn to create the building blocks for programming, creating graphics and troubleshooting of Script programs.


Target Audience: Advanced users of the EcoStruxure system that are responsible for operating, scheduling and troubleshooting from the EcoStruxure system front end.


Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.


8:00 am – 4:00 pm
(2 Day Course)

4/21/2021 — 4/22/2021 Registration has ended for this Class.
10/20/2021 — 10/21/2021 Register
Seating Available

Continuum Cyberstation Software & Hardware

Tri-M offers on-site training for Continuum. 


Please see contact information under "Class Information" below to schedule.

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