Project Summary

The Patrick T. Harker Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Laboratory is a hub of teaching and research on the University of Delaware’s campus. When the University decided to build this facility, it was at that time in 2012, the largest construction project in the school’s 270 year history.

This 194,000 square foot facility provides opportunities for collaboration between teaching, learning and research across various disciplines and fosters scientific innovation. The building automation system was designed, installed, programmed and commissioned by Tri-M.

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Start: January 2012
Completion: July 2013



Labs, Classrooms & Clean Rooms

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Ayers Saint Gross

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Construction Manager


The University of Delaware has benefitted from Tri-M’s expertise on everything from complex building control strategies to our toxic gas monitoring system for the 10,000 sq foot Nanofabrication facility.
Ken Wassmer, C.E.M.
General Manager - ISEB Laboratory

Project Details

6000+ System Points

Scope of Work:

  • Building Automation Installation Programming & Commissioning
  • Clean Rooms
  • Fume Hoods Airflow Control
  • PLC Programming
  • Custom Panel Prefabrication
  • Toxic Gas Monitoring System


Some Equipment Installed:

  • 10,000 sq/ft Nanofabrication Area
  • 8,760 sq/ft Class 100 Cleanroom
  • Custom PLC-based Toxic Gas Monitoring System
  • 11 Primary Air Handling Units
  • 370 Phoenix Air Valves
  • 108 VAV Boxes
  • 73 ABB Variable Frequency Drives
  • 27 Lab Exhaust Fans


Equipment Controlled:

  • HVAC - Phoenix Air Valves
  • Toxic Gas Monitoring System
  • Chilled & Hot Water Systems
  • Central Exhaust System
  • Fume Hoods
  • Snow Melt System
  • Clean Room
  • Microscopy Suite


Third-Party Integration:

  • Custom PLC-based Toxic Gas Monitoring System