In May of 2021, Tri-M was named EcoXpert Certified by Schneider Electric.  An EcoXpert is a Schneider Electric certified company whose individual staff members are trained and accredited by Schneider Electric on our EcoStruxure™ systems, solutions and technology.

The EcoXpert program offers direct benefits to customers by providing them the highest skill levels for their projects, collaborative problem solving and innovative and leading-edge technology solutions to address their unique needs. 

EcoXpert certification involves participating in intensive training coupled with real-world application.  Schneider Electric offers certifications in three areas; Building & Residential Automation, Power Distribution & Management, and Services.  Along with these categories there are also specialized certifications.  

To be certified in Digital Energy and Data Centers, Tim Stewart, Service Account Manager, took 14 prerequisite classes from Schneider Electric.  These classes included the following topics:

  • Data Center Reliability and Availability
  • Fire Protection
  • Cabling Strategies
  • Cooling Systems (Heat Removal & Humidity Control)
  • Security
  • On-site Power Generation
  • Power Redundancy
  • Power Distribution
  • Physical Infrastructure Management
  • System Racking

These classes were over the span of 3 days, and there were timed exams at the completion.  

Tim shared his philosophy on why EcoXpert certification is important, “I have always believed that knowledge is power and have always welcomed the opportunity to participate in any training or certifications that will help me keep up with technology and in turn share this knowledge with the Tri-M Team and our customers.” 

This certification allows Tri-M to offer a higher level of monitoring on data centers to their new and existing customers.